What is the NYVOST?
The vision of the New York Virtual Operations Support Team (NYVOST) is to provide the sponsoring entity (agency, department, organization), with a powerful and effective team of trusted agents whose mission is to support public information, response and recovery operations, information gathering and dissemination efforts through an innovatively effective, efficient and elegant use of social media and other online or ‘virtual’ tools.

Action is hope. There is no hope without action. Ray Bradbury

We need you!
The NY VOST goal is to join together trusted agents from across the globe to help communities scale up their response capabilities on social media in the event of a large scale emergency or disaster situation.  NY VOST invites you join to a team that is providing leadership in this emerging field, to support local New York communities and beyond. Through mutual aid, NY VOST may be asked by other VOSTs to perform surge support for other communities worldwide during their time of need. Activating the VOST relies on resources being available to perform requested missions. Those resources include people, which is you. Please join us.*

What is in it for you?

Make a difference. Save a life. NYVOST is one of the world leaders in developing Virtual Operations Support Teams (VOST) using Social Media for Emergency Management (SMEM). Get real world training and NYVOST Membership status. This is a coveted title that you can proudly share on your personal social media accounts and resume.

Every community in the world is currently underserved with respect to managing social media in a major disaster. For official response agencies, departments and organizations, it’s a matter of degrees. Most haven’t even started to communicate effectively using new technologies yet, others have advanced capabilities, but none can claim to be managing it all. We don’t want you and your community to be the ones that fall through the gaps. You can help bridge those gaps by joining us.

What are you committing to?

Just in Time Training (JITT) is offered prior to operating in the field, in the form of distance learning that is accomplished online, using voice calls and screen sharing.  We’re developing self-paced online training with VOST partners for all registered members. Training is currently accomplished individually, or in small groups.  These benefits are available to you regardless of your location, only a good wifi connection is needed to get started.

Working with NYVOST offers practical, real world social media training.  Benefits from each training session or activation include learning new tips, tricks and techniques in a rapidly evolving and dynamic online landscape to master the world of social media and online tools.

*To be officially welcomed onto the NYVOST as a NYVOST Member, a background check is required, verification of your current credentials. Some initial training will be offered to integrate you into the team, depending on prior SMEM and VOST training and activation experience.

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